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Here's just a few of the nice things people are saying about VirtualHostX...

VirtualHostX is a tall glass of water in the dry desert of Apache configuration!

— Nate Weiner, Founder/CEO of Pocket

VirtualHostX takes all the pain out of running multiple websites on your Mac. My only wish is that I had started using it sooner.

Brian Warren, Senior Designer/Developer, Happy Cog Studios

This app is professional-grade, and it has been used by many of the best in the business for years.

Having discovered VirtualHostX, I can’t imagine going down the path of manually editing OS X configuration files ever again.

"[You] can edit the Apache httpd.conf and hosts files manually, or use Tyler Hall’s fabulous VirtualHostX, a utility that provides a clean and simple GUI for adding virtual hosts."

VirtualHostX’s ease of installation and simplicity in operation make it a great value at quite a reasonable price. I would highly recommend this software to any web designer/developer who would like to get some v-hosting going in their Mac/Apple based development environment.

I have used VirtualHostX for years with and without MAMP. It is the easiest way to manage local development Apache vhosts and the /etc/hosts file. Well worth the money!

It's one of my top 5 favorite apps and one I'd hate to do without. I use it every time I start a new project!

I love this software and its an amazing alternative to using the Server app.

[VirtualHostX's] name-based virtual host system is exactly what I was looking for.

The app is nothing short of magic . . . If you’re even minutely serious about local web-development, you’d regret not giving this a try. It’s a keeper.

Using VirtualHostX, I can quickly create a virtual host without having to edt any files.

If you use a Mac to design websites using Apache as your server, download this application.

The foolproof nature of VirtualHostX coupled with its affordable price means it's a no-brainer for Mac-based web designers working on multiple sites.

MAMP and VirtualHostX make for an easy PHP development platform for your Mac.

Tyler Hall’s great utility to host multiple web sites on a Mac. If you design for the web and use MAMP, use VirtualHostX. Indispensable.

A nifty little app called VirtualHostX makes setting up virtual hosts like http://mysite a snap. Goes with MAMP like peanut butter and jelly.

I was happy to find VirtualHostX. This application helps to add a new virtual host with just a few clicks.

Customer service like .@clickontyler just gave me for VirtualHost X is why I'll continue to support indie software devs. Thanks!

There are at least three reasons to use @virtualhostx It's easy, it works really well, and it's support is awesome.

Cannot find the words to explain how much I love @virtualhostx! Some of the best money ever spent, give it a try if you still don't use it.

Best twitter customer support ever from @virtualhostx - product completely f*cked to completely fixed in no time at all. #awesome

Cult of Mac was kind enough to review our app back in 2012.