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VHX6: What is AutoRefresh?

Last Updated September 6, 2018

AutoRefresh is a new feature in VirtualHostX 4.0 that monitors your virtual host's website folder. Whenever it detects a change inside that folder, VirtualHostX will automatically refresh your web browser. It's a magical way to speed up your workflow when building a website. There's no longer a need to save your changes, flip to your browser, and manually refresh. It all happens automatically now.

To enable AutoRefresh on your website, just paste in the AutoRefresh JavaScript that VirtualHostX provides. Here's how...

1. First, check the AutoRefresh checkbox to turn on AutoRefresh.

AutoRefresh 1

2. Click the "Auto Refresh" button to open the AutoRefresh settings.

3. Copy the provided JavaScript and paste it into your HTML document before the closing </body> tag.

AutoRefresh 2

Here's a copy of the JavaScript VHX gives you...

<script>document.write('<script src="http://' + ( || 'localhost').split(':')[0] + ':62182/autorefresh.js"></' + 'script>')</script>